Morris Established One Priority Working With LifeNet

Blog Post

Morris came to LifeNet with one main priority: “Staying alive and healthy as long as I can.”

When he was in his seventies, Morris received an Asperger diagnosis. This, among other things, has made navigating the healthcare system challenging for him. Now at 86, having recently undergone multiple cardiac procedures including triple bypass surgery, he continues to get back on his feet.

Since joining LifeNet, Morris and his LifeNet team have attended numerous medical appointments to ensure he receives the best care. Staying active and participating in his community are also important to Morris. His LifeNet team members seek opportunities for him while ensuring his safety as he experiences the physical changes of growing older. LifeNet also provides transportation and accompaniment to his favorite grocery stores and community places when the weather prevents him from walking. Morris calls this past year “his best so far,” and he “looks forward to the next 86!”