Michael Begins Getting Back Out into the World

Blog Post

Michael is 34 and lives in a supported housing setting. He has been diagnosed with autism and social anxiety, and has experienced changes in his physical health as he has gotten older.

Before starting with LifeNet, he spent almost all of his time in his room. The priorities he initially identified with LifeNet included getting out of his room more, making changes to improve his physical health, and working on the marketing of his books and art. LifeNet worked with Michael to identify incremental steps for getting out of his room, and then his house, in a less anxious and more consistent way.

During in-person visits, Michael started going for short walks. He then worked with his team to increase the length of his walks, which helped with his anxiety and physical health. Because Michael had played competitive tennis in the past, his LifeNet team offered support to help him return to playing at a local sports club accompanied by his familiar team. Michael is continuing to take small steps forward towards establishing a healthy and engaged lifestyle with the support of his team.