Marshall Works with LifeNet to Soar in His 70s

Blog Post

At 71, Marshall is an active older adult with an Asperger profile. He enjoys visiting local museums, attending community social and cultural events, and taking various online and in-person courses at local universities. He joined LifeNet with the hopes of meeting others with shared interests, improving various aspects of his daily routine, and having extra in-person support and companionship for errands. 

Marshall worked with his LifeNet team to increase his physical activity by identifying a local health club, visiting it, and setting up a membership–something he had been meaning to do. As he also greatly enjoys walking around his neighborhood and town, he and his adult siblings agreed with LifeNet’s recommendation that he should start carrying a phone to call for help if needed. Marshall worked with his LifeNet team to identify strategies for carrying his cell phone that worked for him.

When Marshall received a cancer diagnosis, his LifeNet priorities changed to include more support for his medical treatment. At times, his LifeNet team communicates directly with his providers to help him understand and implement recommendations and protocols related to procedures. LifeNet’s understanding of Marshall as an individual allows his team to advocate for what is important to him, empower him to advocate for himself, and help him continue to participate in the activities he values while he manages his cancer treatment.