Welcome to the new LifeNet Stories blog! The following 1-minute reads show different ways in which adults are working with LifeNet’s caring and dedicated teams to lean in and live up to their potential. We’ll add more stories in the weeks and months ahead as they become available. Note: We’ve changed names and certain minor details to protect privacy, and each adult has reviewed and given us permission to share their story. We hope you enjoy!

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Kevin Expands Social Engagement

Before enrolling in LifeNet, Kevin* wasn’t very motivated to change his routine and engage people outside of his family to pursue the independent living priorities that mattered most to him. But once he began building rapport and comfort with his LifeNet team - led by case manager Iceis Elliott... more

Navigating Expectations as Providers

Most professionals serving the autism community chose their work to help meet the needs of autistic individuals. Wanting to make a difference in people’s lives and fill a void in services is what propels us forward and keeps the autistic individual front and center in everything we do. One... more

Casey Forges New Paths Toward Employment

Casey* was skeptical about how LifeNet could help support her in pursuing the life priorities that mattered most to her. She was out of work and unable to make the right connection to a job coach on her own. But after Casey started engaging her LifeNet team - including case manager Iceis Elliott... more

Allison Pursues New Interests and Friendships

At age 34, Allison has Asperger’s and lives in her own place with family nearby. She works close to full-time and uses public transportation to get to work. In her free time, she enjoys attending events related to her interests, which include video games, anime, history, animals, and Japanese... more

George Builds an Independent Life

When George started with LifeNet, he was 22 and living at home with his parents. George and his family shared the goal of George moving to his own place, but with autism, ADHD, and depression diagnoses, he and his family were worried about how it would go. With the help of his LifeNet team and a... more

Morris Established One Priority Working With LifeNet

Morris came to LifeNet with one main priority: “Staying alive and healthy as long as I can.” When he was in his seventies, Morris received an Asperger diagnosis. This, among other things, has made navigating the healthcare system challenging for him. Now at 86, having recently undergone... more

Emma Transitions Through Young Adulthood With LifeNet Support

Like many young adults, 26-year old Emma had a goal to move out of her family home someday. While this is a big step for anyone, she faced additional challenges due to autism and anxiety. Emma’s initial priorities upon enrolling in LifeNet were to build on her current independent living skills in... more

Brianna Begins to Manage Anxiety and Reconnect with Meaningful Activities

Brianna is 26 and lives in her own apartment. She had some success on her own, but her autism, anxiety, and depression diagnoses resulted in challenges that were increasingly hard to manage. Various medical issues led to increased anxiety and eventually led to her losing her job. Brianna has a... more

Michael Begins Getting Back Out into the World

Michael is 34 and lives in a supported housing setting. He has been diagnosed with autism and social anxiety, and has experienced changes in his physical health as he has gotten older. Before starting with LifeNet, he spent almost all of his time in his room. The priorities he initially... more

Marshall Works with LifeNet to Soar in His 70s

At 71, Marshall is an active older adult with an Asperger profile. He enjoys visiting local museums, attending community social and cultural events, and taking various online and in-person courses at local universities. He joined LifeNet with the hopes of meeting others with shared interests,... more