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The Power of Volunteerism – AANE LifeNet

Would you consider a unique, powerful volunteer opportunity that leverages your Asperger/autism experience? If so, we’re looking for a few good volunteers to fill out the brief form below!

AANE’s LifeNet is a new independent living support program for adults with Asperger/autism profiles. LifeNet Adults are supported by a LifeNet team led by a Personal Advocate (case manager) and Support Partner (direct support professional). An innovative part of our team-based approach is the matching of LifeNet Adults with two types of volunteers:

  • Host Family: Local families who share occasional meals and other social activities with LifeNet Adults (say, once a month or once a season). This volunteerism is ideal for families who have an adult child or relative on the spectrum (whether they still live at home or not), and who have the capacity to open their hearts and homes to one of our LifeNet Adults who live in their area.
  • Peer/Friend: Other adult peers from within the AANE community who share activities and companionship with LifeNet Adults on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). These peers also have an Asperger/autism or similar profile, and matches will be made along age, gender, location, and shared interest lines, to the best of our ability.

Please know that for the safety of our LifeNet Adults, AANE will do a background check on prospective Host Family and Peer/Friend volunteers.

Take the Next Step
If you’re potentially interested in serving as volunteer Host Families or Peer/Friends, or have questions, please complete the brief form below and click Submit. We’ll be in touch soon with more info to help you decide. Thank you for considering this!

Note: If you’re an adult or parent/caregiver who wants to learn more about joining the LifeNet program as a client, click here to go to the LifeNet webpage.

AANE LifeNet Contact

Jay O’Brien, LifeNet Program Director |  617-393-3824 ext. 60  |