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Cynthia DeFerrari
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A Renaissance Man

It is a cold and clear day with the promise of the inevitable winter settling in. Jack arrived to talk about his personal journey and how it led him to AANE.

His remarkable background includes obtaining a degree from Northeastern University where Jack majored in modern language. Jack also holds a music certificate in guitar and percussion. An accomplished musician, he has played in professional bands and enjoys practicing vocals.

But Jack’s personal story is reminiscent of a richly woven brocade, resembling a tapestry of intricate art, pattern, and complexity: a life-history intertwined with travel and exploration, academics and discovery, loss and finding his voice. His life has been an extraordinary journey.

Jack has traveled across the continents to pursue his love of history and modern language. Working through Northeastern’s Co-op program, Jack ventured to many countries including exploring Russia twice. He spoke of how much he enjoyed seeing each country’s unique geography and learning its history. An example Jack gave was Montenegro: a Balkan country with mountainous regions, medieval and quaint villages, bordering the Adriatic Sea. Jack was drawn in as much by the natural beauty as by the rich history. It was intriguing places such as these, with their history, language, and beauty, that compelled him to travel.

His eventual return to the States brought him into the field of Audio Visual Technology. Professionally, Jack has provided services for TD Garden events, audio visual support for shows at Fenway Park, stage support and trade shows in and around Boston. He has also utilized his education and provided his expertise for organizations such as the Park Plaza Hotel and other Boston area venues.

But during this period of his life Jack experienced great personal and financial difficulties. In 2008, a devastating house fire destroyed most of his belongings.

“Since my house burned down,

I now own a better view

of the rising moon”

– Mizuta Masahide

As with the ancient Japanese Samurai and poet who authored this haiku in 1688 after losing his home to fire, Jack has also managed to find an awareness and strength after recovering from the loss of his home from the same fate. After the fire, Jack lived in a Greek Orthodox monastery in the greater Boston area for a period prior to finding housing.

Almost homeless resulting from family & financial issues and health concerns, Jack was introduced to the LifeMAP program through his sister in 2010. He thanks his LifeMAP coach for her guidance with his executive functioning skills and job assistance during those extraordinarily difficult times.

Currently living in Arlington, Jack is employed with one of North America’s major car rental companies. He recently was able to enjoy a visit with his son in Arizona.

You might call Jack the Renaissance man, with his knowledge, interests and talents spanning across multiple domains. Jack continues to grow and expand his horizons by utilizing the skills he has developed with the help of LifeMAP.

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