LifeMAP Profiles: David

Cynthia DeFerrari
Blog Post

After graduating with a degree in bio-engineering and completing his final project, David decided to move to New York City to pursue a career in the health industry. While the city offers an abundance of opportunities for many, it can seem overwhelming for others, particularly individuals with Asperger/Autism profiles. “I had never been living on my own in such a diverse and metropolitan environment as New York City,” David said. “I was hoping that my LifeMAP coach could help me with not only completing successfully my final project for my degree, but also assist me with developing strategies to adapt to life in the city.” David’s goal was to find employment in his field that gave him a sense of purpose.

By working with his LifeMAP coach, David learned how to establish and then manage his new daily routine that led him to a successful path of finding the right job. “Our remote video coaching sessions were as effective as the ‘in person’ meetings when I was back in school,” David reflected. “They provided me with the tools necessary to find a job, strengthen my organizational skills, and most importantly develop meaningful social relationships.”

David worked hard and gave all he could. He credits his LifeMAP coach from AANE with giving him the resources he needed to succeed in a new, constantly challenging environment. “Having an online LifeMAP coach from AANE was instrumental in helping me to develop strategies to keep me focused and succeed with my goals,” said David. “My coach helped me understand that part of reaching my career was learning how to relate to people from different walks of life. Yes, I’ve learned how to organize my life into a manageable routine, but mainly I’ve learned to value relationships and to pursue social connections and friendships.”

With the guidance of his LifeMAP coach, David was able to make meaningful social connections, which have allowed him to succeed both professionally and personally in a big city that no longer seems so overwhelming. “Seeking social groups who shared my interests was one of the methods I used to expand my social circle,” he said. “Staying connected with my LifeMAP coach has presented a pathway to learn how to navigate both my career and social life in a positive and constructive way. The individualized and specialized experience of working with a LifeMAP coach has given me the tools necessary to become a more confident and successful person.”

David is now working as a bio-engineer in one of New York’s leading teaching hospitals. He is also able to take advantage of the city’s unique opportunities and enjoy his social life with newly developed friendships.


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