Is This For Real?

Mark Goodman

Is This For Real?  That is, did the events depicted in these eight narratives actually occur?

Yes, bizarre as it may seem today.

Imagine, if you will, a young boy forced to find his way in a strange new world, bewildered by every step he takes, steps without guidance, steps fraught with hidden dangers, steps that cannot be retracted, steps perhaps best not taken.

I was that boy, launched from a dark, fluid-filled world where all my needs were tended to, then thrust harshly into a totally new existence bathed in blinding light, raucous noise, numbing cold, hunger and almost total helplessness, 7 July, 1933.

No user manual was provided, which wouldn’t have been of any use anyway.

So what was I to do if I intended to survive?

Why, create my own world.  Which appears to have worked given I’m still here, barreling headlong into my ninth decade.

It might’ve gone easier had I been diagnosed with Asperers/Autism at age 7, better yet earlier, than when I was finally diagnosed, at age 70, long after the train had left the station.

  1. Welcome to the World
  2. Lights Out
  3. Destroyer
  4. Bombs Away
  5. Magic Coil vs. School
  6. Lick Observatory
  7. High School
  8. Over and Out