In vivo ultra-high field anatomical brain structure in ASD

Research Study

Organization: Harvard/MGH Martinos Center

Contact: Noreen Ward:

This study aims at using new MR technologies to examine wether we can observe, at the individual level, microscopic changes that have been previously described by researchers who were using histology to look at brains of individuals with ASD.
The study consists of two MRI sessions lasting less than an hour each.
During the MRI sessions, you will need to lie still on your back while we take anatomical pictures of your brain.
If you participate in this study, you will come to the MGH Martinos Center in Charlestown for 2 one-hour long visits.
You will be compensated for your time up to $100.
For further information, please contact Noreen Ward:
Telephone: 617-724-2314
Thank you!