IEP Meetings During School Closure

Laura Perez
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April 2020

These are challenging times for everyone, especially for our children with Asperger/autism profiles, and now, more than ever, AANE is here for you. Schools are closed, but the school staff is working. According to Massachusetts DESE regulations, even though the schools are closed, they need to start communicating with families to schedule IEP meetings that would have happened under normal circumstances.  I’d like to suggest some important steps you can take to prepare for your child’s IEP meeting. With your kids now at home, we recommend you start a log about what you see:

  • Is your child more or less anxious than when he/she is in school?
  • Have you found a way your child learns better?
  • Are the behaviors improving or getting worse at home vs at school?
  • Do you feel your child is regressing academically or socially? In what ways?

These are useful observations to bring to a team meeting. If your district hasn’t contacted you yet, you can reach out to them. DESE mandates that schools and families work collaboratively to deliver IEP services remotely, as long as it’s possible given the social restrictions. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s IEP,  if you feel that something is missing, or that your child’s IEP is not providing enough support, especially now with the schools closed, know that you can make an appointment with AANE for an IEP review, which can be done over the phone or by video conference. We will be happy to review your child’s evaluations and IEP, and have a one-on-one conversation about how to make your child’s IEP the best it can be. Schedule your IEP review today, and remember, we offer financial assistance.

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