Humming v. Music-Listening: Exploration of a neuro-integrative application for those with ASD

Research Study

We have known since the beginning of time that music is healing. Theoretically, music frequencies can re-tune the brain, even forging new connections. This study explores the differences in embodiment of musical vibrations, comparing this with humming (music made from the inside-out)–and effects to feelings of well-being in those with and without ASD.

Participants will spend five minutes per day listening to tones for the first week, and humming tones the second week. Three sets of questionnaires will be presented; 20 questions before and during the trial, and 25 questions after the trial. Those participants who complete all 14 sessions and three sets of questionnaires will earn a $40 Amazon gift card (sent by USPS). We are looking for at least 15 children with ASD and without ASD, ages 7-10 for the first trial to begin in July 2020 (IRB approval pending).



Published on: Jun 18, 2020 at 18:48