Humming v. Music Listening: Exploration of a neuro-integrative application for those with ASD

Research Study

What is this project about?
To find embodied physiological differences between humming and music-listening in those diagnosed with ASD and those without ASD. There will be three different age groups tested: Ages 7-10, 13-20, and adults.

How you will participate in the study:
You will participate by watching a short video and either humming or listening to tones for 3-5 minutes daily, and answering online questionnaires before the study begins, after one week, and after two weeks. All participants must be hearing-abled, and be able to use a computer or phone and send Google docs.

New sign-up link:

We will begin part 1, Music-Listening sometime in early August.



Published on: Jul 29, 2020 at 12:24

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