How to Help Your Students Track Their Assignments and Turn in Homework

AANE Staff

We know that there are many components that need to be addressed in order for kids with ASD  to be able to understand, complete, and turn in their homework. One strategy that has been used successfully is a homework template to keep track of assignments. Many schools provide an assignment book where the assignments are written down with a due date. If this is working for your student with ASD, congratulations! For many students, the act of writing is so laborious that they get too frustrated by the process of trying to put pencil to paper and don’t get the assignments written into their books, or can’t read it later when they need the information. Even when a student records the information, and completes the assignments, it can be difficult to turn them back in. Going from an assignment, to completing the work, to turning it in, is a multi-step process; here’s one way to support your student in completing the entire routine:

  • Teacher writes homework in the same place at the same time each day and puts it on her classroom website or online school management site (e.g. schoology).
  • Teacher clarifies all materials that are needed to complete the assignment.
  • Provide a set time each day or class for student to capture information in the homework management system (written, apps, online).
  • Teacher has a set place and time for turning in assignments. If a student is turning in late work, there is a set place and procedure for that as well.

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