Horizons College Preparation Mentoring Program

Research Study

Horizons is designed to help high school students on the autism spectrum learn more about college and feel more confident about attending college in the future. We are now recruiting for Spring 2020.
High school students who plan to go to college in the next year or two will meet with their mentor (a trained UMass Lowell student) once a week for an hour, for seven weeks at a time convenient to them. Participants do not have to be considering UMass Lowell as one of the colleges they are planning to attend. The program curriculum includes topics such as “Why go to college?”; “What will a typical college day look like?”; “How do I manage my time at college?”, “How do I access supports on campus?”, “How can I meet people on campus?” etc. Meetings are either in-person at UMass Lowell or online through Google Hangouts and participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their experience in the program. Meetings will start in February 2020. There is a $75 fee to participate in the program (scholarships are available to cover the fee).
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Email: ashleigh_hillier@uml.edu
Website: www.uml.edu/Research/Autism/services/Horizons.aspx

Submitted on: 2019/11/13 at 7:46 am