George Builds an Independent Life

Blog Post

When George started with LifeNet, he was 22 and living at home with his parents. George and his family shared the goal of George moving to his own place, but with autism, ADHD, and depression diagnoses, he and his family were worried about how it would go. With the help of his LifeNet team and a realtor, George participated in the apartment hunting process: from identifying priorities, to viewing apartments, to signing a lease. He successfully moved out about 6 months ago.

George has since worked on building new routines and habits that support his ability to live on his own for the first time. He now completes weekly grocery shopping, manages new bills, and takes care of various chores around the house. He also meets with other LifeNet adults to grow his social connections. While living on his own comes with challenges, George has a network of support, including family, LifeNet, and other providers, to foster his success. Living on his own with support has strengthened his relationship with his family, and George’s confidence in his abilities continues to grow.