Friendships and Relationships

By Jamie Freed

Friendships and relationships can be challenging for many people. When you add an Asperger Profile to the equation, they can become more difficult. While some individuals are content without friendships or relationships, many people seek them out and crave that human connection. Adults with Asperger profiles may have difficulty navigating the social, executive functioning, sensory, and perspective taking tasks often needed to establish and maintain friendships and relationships. Significant anxiety often prevents those with Asperger profiles from even attempting to have friends despite a desire to do so.

Successful friendships for those on the spectrum are often grounded in common interests. Some find greater comfort, understanding, and acceptance in those with similar Asperger profiles. While greater value is often placed on face-to-face friendships, online relationships may be more manageable and allow for true connection that can be elusive in person.

For those on the spectrum, significant downtime is often required and an understanding that there may be more limitations on amount of time spent together and types of environments that work better.

Intimate relationships will be most successful when there is great self-awareness, understanding of a partner’s relationship needs, significant verbal communication, and respect for sensory sensitivities.