Frequency of “Irritability Episodes” in ASD Adults

Research Study

A market research company, Market Vision has asked for input from Caregivers regarding a short confidential diary tracking the baseline frequency of irritability episodes- whether they are meltdowns, verbal or physical incidents for ASD in ADULTS (18+). They are doing it for a client pharma company that is planning a clinical trial for new agent that may be effective in reducing incidence and severity of episodes.
The data will take about 5 minutes a day to input and can be done any time online- even every few days. They will pay $45 for a week of tracking the frequency of irritability episodes- ideally going for 4 weeks. (they also have a drawing for a bonus of $500 if we complete 4 weeks, which each participant has about 1/20 chance of winning)
They need help from caregivers of adults to get this baseline frequency- it helps design clinical trial size and endpoints.
Everything is confidential and HIPAA compliant. all online, no personal info etc. is shared, or kept, as its market research. Except they will need an address to pay folks and an email to confirm participation
PS. they will share the results of the study – so we – all the participants, and the people like you who are helping, can see what the comparable frequency of episodes are for various levels of severity of ASD etc. This is pretty interesting to learn, but they will need caregivers to participate to generate good data.
If you can share this (even just forward the email) with Caregivers of adults with ASD, and this individual has at least a few “irritability episodes” a week, and they might be interested in helping with this project they can just send me an email or call me and I can put them touch. Please contact soon, the project is looking to finish by July 1, 2021
contact me- Howard or call me 610-416-2893

Published on: May 13, 2021 at 08:54

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