Free Job Coaching for Low-Income Boston Autistic Adults 18-30

Eligible low income Metro Boston young Autistic adults or similarly neurodivergent (no formal diagnosis required) can receive over 10 hours of FREE employment coaching through AANE’s LifeMAP-WorkMAP program thanks to a Liberty Mutual grant. LifeMAP-WorkMAP focuses on helping clients thrive in the workplace. 



What is job coaching?

Job coaches help clients:

  • understand their strengths and interests
  • help brainstorm what jobs they might want
  • build confidence about their work-related skills
  • find ways to highlight their talents on a resume
  • work on a plan to apply to jobs
  • prepare for interviews or role play work scenarios
  • deal with anxiety, insecurity, or worries about finding or keeping a job
  • see what went well with a job interview and what could be improved
  • learn how to feel more comfortable in interview or with co-workers 
  • figure out why your previous or current job searches or jobs didn’t work out
  • determine ways to gain volunteer or work experience to move up in a career 
  • continued support once you’ve found a job

Who can get free coaching? 

  • autistic and similarly neurodivergent adults 18-30 years old who are out of high school 
  • must live in Metro Boston (including Allston, Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Mission Hill, Roxbury, Roslindale, West Roxbury, and some other nearby areas)
  • self-identify as low income
  • no formal diagnosis required

How has job coaching helped other people? 

  • One client who had worked as a stocker at a car lot got their dream job at a leading cancer research facility. Coaches helped him practice mock interviews and overcome his anxiety and fears throughout the process. He recently got a raise and a promotion during his 1 year review.
  • One client used volunteer experience to get her very first job as a receptionist. 
  • One client accepted a full-time job offer from a leading technology company with a sign-on bonus. The coach helped him create a job search plan step-by-step. 

  What do I get? 

  • The total value of this program, offered free to eligible clients, is between $1,300-$4,600+ per client. Without this grant, the usual price of intake interviews is $320 and coaching is $125 per hour. Thanks to the Liberty Mutual grant, low income Boston residents who are autistic adults between the ages of 18-30 can get this program completely free.
  • Each client accepted to the program will receive between 10-36 hours worth of free coaching. Clients often choose weekly coaching sessions to start, while long-term clients might choose monthly coaching sessions.  

Can it really help me?

  • The proof is in the numbers: LifeMAP has helped over 2,600 clients reach their personal goals since 2008.
  • Time and time again, clients who have struggled for years to reach their personal goals find LifeMAP a supportive, helpful program that launches their success. 
  • Whether you’re unsure of what type of job you want, are struggling to land a 2nd interview, need to build workplace confidence, maintaining job hunt motivation, evaluating setbacks, aren’t sure where to start in trying to find a job, or want an encouraging 3rd-party perspective, LifeMAP has helped client after client for over 15 years. 

What are the steps to apply and participate?

  • Contact LifeMAP at 617-393-3824 ext. 220 or by e-mail to requesting program information.
  • LifeMAP will then schedule eligible clients an intake interview where clients will talk to their coach about their goals and what they want to get out of the program. The coach will ask you to fill out some information about yourself, like your name, job or school history, living situation, health, transportation options, and basic autobiographical questions. 
  • Schedule when you want your coaching sessions to be and where (online or in-person in Boston). 
  • Meet with your coach. You might talk to your coach about your job search plan, what type of jobs would be a good match for you, how to create a resume, how to find good job opportunities, or practice interviewing.