Family and SLP perspectives on family-centered care for children with ASD: Are we seeing eye-to-eye?

Research Study


Researchers at Penn State University are conducting an online study to obtain parents’ perspectives on the speech-language services that their child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) receives. Specifically, an online survey will be used to measure the degree to which parents of children with ASD and complex communication needs experience speech-language services as being family-centered. The researchers wish to hear from families living with ASD to identify and understand how family-centered communication interventions are currently being implemented.

Additionally, the information gathered in this study will be compared to speech-language pathologists’ perspectives on current service implementation. This comparison will reveal areas of agreement and disagreement which can provide guidance for effective, family-centered services for families and children in the future.

Who qualifies?
The following inclusion criteria will be necessary for participation:

  • a) your child has a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder;
  • b) your child produces fewer than 20 functional words;
  • c) your child is currently receiving speech-language services in early intervention or school setting;
  • d) your child has been receiving speech-language services for at least 1 year.

What is involved?
Parents of eligible children are asked to complete a confidential online survey regarding the speech and language services that their child receives. The survey takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and can be completed in more than one sitting.