Transition to Adulthood

All children and teens with Asperger profiles will become adults with Asperger profiles. For many parents, this transition to adulthood is filled with anxiety and uncertainty about the future. AANE can provide parents with the information and resources to help make this transition easier. We can help parents discern which skills and experiences their child may need to help prepare for life after secondary education. And, because we serve the whole lifespan at AANE, our support and resources continue to be available to young adults with Asperger/Autism and their families.

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Employment and Asperger Syndrome

  Inadequate vocational services Graduating from high school and transitioning to the world of work is an extremely important and exciting milestone. However, for many young adults with autism obtaining and maintaining employment can present some unique challenges. Unfortunately, despite the... more

The Interdependence Mindset

Lee el mensaje de Brenda en Español Independence and Interdependence can co-exist. This month we are discussing autism and interdependence. Although our society pushes the idea of independence, very few people (no matter their neurology) are completely independent. We all need help at times for a variety of reasons. Maybe a person asks for help... more

A Journey Towards Independence and Interdependence

As a parent of three autistic adults, my understanding of each of my children has grown as I try to help them develop personal independence that is right for them and a willingness to accept help when needed. They have given me permission to share what this process looks like in our family. My... more

Listening to Autistic Voices

Many parents and family members of newly diagnosed autistic individuals find themselves overwhelmed in a sea of information. A neuropsychologist might hand over a packet bulging with materials, or Googling “autism” will turn up thousands of sites. Finding accurate, helpful information isn’t... more

Autism Disclosure and College

In my work helping autistic students apply to college, the question of disclosure comes up frequently. I think it’s important for people to become comfortable with their authentic selves, and I usually disclose my own autism to families early on to set an example. Disclosing on college... more

Finding the Right Dorm

I lay down in my bed on a warm Saturday night, groaning as I heard the cheers from outside begin. I was in a single in a dorm on the far edge of campus. I had purposely chosen this dorm above some others as I had heard it wasn’t a “party dorm,” however, I soon learned this wasn’t the case.... more

Preparing for Life’s Transitions

Throughout the lifespan, we are all faced with many different kinds of transitions in all areas of our lives. Whether it is moving through different educational stages, beginning or changing employment, entering into friendships or romantic relationships, or moving into independent or supported... more

Parenting Anxiety

Lee el mensaje de Dania en Español Running a non-profit can be stressful at times, so I have learned over the years to take care of myself in several ways. I enjoy hiking and quilting, but my hidden pleasure is binging streamed shows. I actually found two shows in the past couple of weeks I... more

A Journey Toward Self-Advocacy: Perspectives from an Adult Son & His Mom

Joe, who is now 30 years old, started receiving special education services in preschool, was largely mainstreamed in K-12, and graduated high school in 2009. He attended a community college and obtained an Associates Degree in Engineering, and is currently working towards completing a BS in... more

Understanding the Employment Journey

When a parent finds out their child is on the autism spectrum, whether that child is 4 or 34, the parent embarks on a new journey to understand how autism might affect their child’s future. Just as no two individuals on the spectrum are the same, no two parent journeys are the same either.... more

Climbing Out From Under the To-Do List

Lee el mensaje de Dania en Español Many individuals on the spectrum are plagued with a recurring thought: “Why can't I get anything done?”  No matter the age, people with Asperger/autism profiles often feel overwhelmed when they think of the number of things they need to do,... more

Young Adults on the Spectrum and Isolation

Many young adults on the autism spectrum become isolated after completing their education as they move into adulthood, which can be disconcerting to all involved. Dania Jekel, AANE's Executive Director, takes a look at the causes of isolation and strategies to help. Visit to learn more about AANE's programs and... more

Finding the Square Hole for the Square Peg: Autism and Employment HD – Webinar

... more

Good Connections: The AS Student’s Guide to the College Social Scene

Dorms, parties, cute girls, hot guys, roommates, new friends—let’s face it, college life is, in large part, about the social scene. Finally, you’ll be able to come and go as you please. Your parents won’t be there reminding you to study, brush your teeth, eat your vegetables, etc. And you won’t have a curfew. Moreover, college is... more

Developing Self-Advocacy Skills: An Integral Aspect of Transition Planning

Adolescence is an important time of growth in any young person’s life. It’s a vulnerable time, during which self-esteem can be exceedingly fragile. For teens with AS, HFA or PDD, the quality of support and education they receive during this formative period can make or break future success as... more