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Girls with Asperger profiles have a unique set of challenges. They are greatly outnumbered by males within the autism world and often find themselves the lone girl in a group of boys. Likewise, they face difficulties in “girl world,” a place that demands a high level of social acumen. We offer assistance and support to parents who are guiding their daughters through these challenges.

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Article: Asperger and Autism Spectrum–Women and Girls
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Listening to Autistic Voices

Many parents and family members of newly diagnosed autistic individuals find themselves overwhelmed in a sea of information. A neuropsychologist might hand over a packet bulging with materials, or Googling “autism” will turn up thousands of sites. Finding accurate, helpful information isn’t... more

Emotional Regulation: Advice for Families

Emotion Regulation is a concept you may have been introduced to when you discovered your family member was on the autism spectrum. The term may bring up memories of meltdowns, tantrums, irritability, withdrawn behavior, or stress. Witnessing our loved one experience intense emotions can be... more

Two Sibling Perspectives

The following essays were contributed by two individuals sharing their experiences of having a sibling on the autism spectrum. Both authors wished to remain anonymous. ____________________________   Loving Ben It would be difficult to talk about my brother Ben without mentioning... more

Puberty Basics for Parents of Girls with AS/ASD: Health, Hygiene, Self Esteem and Safety

... more

Understanding and Managing Behavior – Raising Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

... more

Girl Talk: Thoughts on Being Female on the Autism Spectrum (with Liane Holliday Willey) HD

... more

Sarah Hendrickx – Hiding in Plain Sight: Shining Light on Women with Asperger/Autism Profiles –…

 Sarah Hendrickx presents at the Asperger/Autism Network's conference, "Hiding in Plain Sight: Shining Light on Women with Asperger/Autism Profiles." March... more

Accentuate the Positive

In our parent support groups and Community Connections conversations, AANE staff members are hearing a lot about families’ experiences during this COVID-19 stay-at-home period. As most parents are spending a lot more time than usual with their children, many are also getting to observe directly... more

Special Education Advocacy During COVID-19

Families are under unprecedented stress as they grapple with the impacts of school closures. Many are worried about what will happen with their child’s education when school resumes. For children with Asperger profiles who depend on the routine and structured environment at school, these times... more

Hiding in Plain Sight: In Our Own Words

Recommended Reading
Women with Asperger/Autism Profiles Share their Life Stories These twenty stories were sent to AANE in preparation for the March conference regarding women on the Autism Spectrum. Six of these stories were presented at the conference itself; the rest are now being shared for the very first... more

Survival Strategies of a Family on the Aspergers Spectrum

Susan Shanfield wrote and presented this talk at AANE’s Celebration of Community on March 7, 2004. Hi Everyone. What an amazing experience that we women and girls are gathered here together to celebrate our strengths and differences—and I think that we’re making history at the same time.... more

Puberty Basics for Parents of Girls with AS/ASD: Health, Hygiene, Self Esteem and Safety

This webinar takes parents of girls through the common difficulties faced by girls with AS/ASD as they begin and move through puberty. These girls may be confused or upset by the changes taking places in their bodies. New hygiene routines can be made more difficult by sensory sensitivities. In... more

The Self-Discovery of One Aspie Woman

I had always thought of myself as a sensitive and independent introvert who had found her way after an anxious and lonely childhood. When I hit 40 years old, something shifted – so many of my peers had reached the traditional milestones of marriage, children, home buying, etc., none of which I... more

Building a Better Summer or What to do With Your Child’s Summer Vacation

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Sleep Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome

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