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Parents who come to AANE often wonder where to invest their time, money, and energy in order to help their child and family thrive. They may feel confused by the array of interventions being recommended. They may feel guilty that they haven’t “done enough,” or feel judged by other parents or family members who claim to have all the answers. They may feel under pressure to have their child catch up to peers. And almost every parent wonders, “Will my child be okay?”

But you don’t have to panic. There is no single way to help your child or family thrive; AANE is here to help you find the path that is right for you. At AANE you have access to the collective wisdom of our parent-professional staff and extended parent community help guide you on your parenting journey. You are not alone!

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Shifting Perspective in the Parent/Caregiver Journey

Parents and caregivers of Autistic children and teens often find themselves consumed with school meetings and communications, managing therapies, and preparing for every eventuality. These actions are important but can quickly overshadow daily life and family dynamics. If the focus is solely on... more

Supporting Friendships

Regardless of age or neurotype, the friendship-making process can be stated rather simply: Step 1: Find other people who like the same things you do. Step 2: Show up again and again and again. Putting this into practice is more difficult. Caregivers in the AANE parent support groups often... more

Listening to Autistic Voices

Many parents and family members of newly diagnosed autistic individuals find themselves overwhelmed in a sea of information. A neuropsychologist might hand over a packet bulging with materials, or Googling “autism” will turn up thousands of sites. Finding accurate, helpful information isn’t... more

Diagnosis Discussion Tips for Parents

Many parents and family members wonder how to talk to their autistic child or teen about their diagnosis. Several variables can impact the decision, such as the child’s age, reason for the evaluation, and whether or not the child needs particular therapies or supports. While each autistic... more

Anxiety and Autism: A Parent Perspective

At least 40% of autistic individuals are also diagnosed with anxiety, making it the number one co-occurring mental health concern. As parents and family members gain a greater understanding of autism, they often realize the importance of understanding anxiety as well to find effective ways to... more

Autistic Parenting Pathways

Lee el Mensaje de Brenda En Español This month we are talking about being autistic and a parent. All parents have to adjust to responding to their child’s needs as they grow and the new feelings and emotions they experience on their parenting journey. If you are an autistic parent,... more

Being an Autistic Parent

Being an Autistic parent is hard. Life for any parent is already EXHAUSTING. Add in navigating all the demands of parenting with being Autistic, and… it’s not easy. First, there is the sensory nightmare of how incredibly loud these small, unpredictable people can be. In the early years, I... more

Five Tips for Autistic Parents from This Autistic Parent

What an interesting journey parenting has been, some 14 years now, and yet it has only just begun. Interesting, in part, because I became a father not yet knowing that I was autistic, and once I found out, my perspective on fatherhood changed rather dramatically. The diagnosis raised several... more

Shifting the Paradigm: Recognizing the Needs of Disabled Parents as Advocates

I am a formally diagnosed autistic woman and the parent of an autistic adult who I parented through early intervention, public school, post-secondary experiences and now, into adulthood as I support him navigating through rehabilitation services. I am a social worker and researcher, but when it... more

Sensory Advocacy at School

There are many lists and suggestions for sensory-based accommodations for autistic students. Gaining a sense of your student’s unique sensory profile is important – what causes distress and what helps them stay regulated. They may be impacted differently at school than at home. What can a... more

Challenges in Executive Functioning and How They Impact School-Aged Children

Original article appeared in the White Plains Examiner and Putnam Examiner January 31st, 2012. Updated content: August 2021. Does your child have good ideas but struggle to get them down on paper? Do you frequently return to your child’s school to retrieve forgotten homework assignments? Have... more

Parenting Anxiety

Lee el mensaje de Dania en Español Running a non-profit can be stressful at times, so I have learned over the years to take care of myself in several ways. I enjoy hiking and quilting, but my hidden pleasure is binging streamed shows. I actually found two shows in the past couple of weeks I... more

Five Tips to Promote Pool Safety

Summer is in full swing, and with COVID vaccination numbers increasing and pandemic restrictions lifted, many families are eagerly getting out to enjoy some time at the pool. But whether it is a public facility in your community or a backyard private pool, water safety should always be central. For... more

Emotional Regulation: Advice for Families

Emotion Regulation is a concept you may have been introduced to when you discovered your family member was on the autism spectrum. The term may bring up memories of meltdowns, tantrums, irritability, withdrawn behavior, or stress. Witnessing our loved one experience intense emotions can be... more

Two Sibling Perspectives

The following essays were contributed by two individuals sharing their experiences of having a sibling on the autism spectrum. Both authors wished to remain anonymous. ____________________________   Loving Ben It would be difficult to talk about my brother Ben without mentioning... more