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Welcome, grandparents and other relatives! If you have a child, teen, or adult relative with an Asperger profile in your extended family, you probably have questions or concerns. The family journey can include unexpected challenges–but you don’t have to travel alone. AANE can help you find the information and community connections you need. The more you learn about Asperger profiles, the better the chances of creating a family in which three generations can work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, leading to the best possible outcome for the grandchild or other family member on the autism spectrum.

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It’s A Family Matter

At 66, my life shattered like window glass into countless pieces. It was a sudden “knowing” that hit me while reading Rudy Simone’s Aspergirls in 2010. I was in shock, yet grateful to know I was autistic. Now, at 75, I’m not retiring from social work – I’m just getting started. Now I... more

Emotional Regulation: Advice for Families

Emotion Regulation is a concept you may have been introduced to when you discovered your family member was on the autism spectrum. The term may bring up memories of meltdowns, tantrums, irritability, withdrawn behavior, or stress. Witnessing our loved one experience intense emotions can be... more

Two Sibling Perspectives

The following essays were contributed by two individuals sharing their experiences of having a sibling on the autism spectrum. Both authors wished to remain anonymous. ____________________________   Loving Ben It would be difficult to talk about my brother Ben without mentioning... more

La Educación y la Disciplina en los Niños con Autismo

... more

Sarah Hendrickx – Hiding in Plain Sight: Shining Light on Women with Asperger/Autism Profiles –…

 Sarah Hendrickx presents at the Asperger/Autism Network's conference, "Hiding in Plain Sight: Shining Light on Women with Asperger/Autism Profiles." March... more

Special Education Advocacy During COVID-19

Families are under unprecedented stress as they grapple with the impacts of school closures. Many are worried about what will happen with their child’s education when school resumes. For children with Asperger profiles who depend on the routine and structured environment at school, these times... more

Understanding Your Grandchild: A Seminar for Grandparents of Children with Autism Asperger Profiles

... more

Wedding Cake Model for Home-School Communication

Why is Parent/Educator Communication so Important? Most students with Asperger profiles have weak social communication skills. One result is that the student’s life is like a bicycle wheel with a weak hub. The adults need to hold hands around the rim to keep the wheel intact and functional. Stephanie’s Wedding Cake Model of... more

Building a Better Summer or What to do With Your Child’s Summer Vacation

... more

Sleep Problems in Children with Asperger Syndrome

Studies find that approximately 73% of children with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) experience sleep problems, and these problems tend to last longer in this group than they do for children without AS. For example, children with AS are more likely to be sluggish and disoriented after waking. Laboratory... more

How Parent Coaching Helped My Family: Katie Sonin

Katie shares how parent coaching has helped her... more

The AANE Community

The AANE community share their... more

AANE Gala 2011 Speech

Shonda and Curt Schilling introduce Brenda Dater-who shares stories from the AANE... more

Why Does My Child Behave Like That? Practical Strategies for Parents of Kids on the…

Brenda Dater, author of Parenting without Panic, offers practical guidance to help your family function with less... more

Bullying and Asperger Syndrome

Learn how children and teens with Asperger Syndrome and related autism spectrum profiles may experience bullying and how you can help create a bully-free... more