Exploring Online Gaming as a Communication Learning Platform

Research Study

Volunteers Needed: If you are over 19 and enjoy playing online games I would be interested to hear from you. This study will explore the influence of online gaming on strengthening communication skills for adults in the autism spectrum (ASD). This study will have people with ASD express and contribute their ideas of what they would like to see in an online game and how they believe an online game can become a fundamental communication learning tool for people in the autism spectrum.

Specifically, participation involves playing a commercial multiplayer online game and then completing an interview via Skype which should take only 15-30 minutes. Time to play the online game will depend on how much time the participant chooses to play the online game.

This study has been approved by Athabasca University Research Ethics Board (#23267).

To participate, please contact Gaylyne Archibald at gfarchibald@shaw.ca

2019/09/09 at 7:37 pm