Engaging Siblings of Adults with Autism in Future Planning

Research Study

Boston University is doing a research study to develop a new program to increase siblings’ involvement in future planning for their brother/sister with autism spectrum disorder. We are looking for siblings, service providers, and  adults with autism for this study. If you participate, you will either participate  in a focus group or a one‐on‐one interview. You will be asked to share your ideas about whether families (i.e., adults with autism and siblings) would be  interested in participating in a program about future planning, what should be included in this program, and the best format in which to implement the program.

  • Who? Adult siblings, adults with autism, and service providers
  • What? An interview or focus group
  • How long? 1‐2 hours
  • When? At a time convenient for you
  • Where? At a community location
  • Cost? No cost to participate. You will be compensated $20 for your participation in the study.

For more information please contact forward@bu.edu or (617) 358‐4293