Emma Transitions Through Young Adulthood With LifeNet Support

Blog Post

Like many young adults, 26-year old Emma had a goal to move out of her family home someday. While this is a big step for anyone, she faced additional challenges due to autism and anxiety. Emma’s initial priorities upon enrolling in LifeNet were to build on her current independent living skills in preparation to move out. She was also interested in pursuing work and meeting new friends.

Emma and her LifeNet team used in-person visits to practice various household tasks like laundry, cooking, and general housekeeping. Her team worked with her and her family to communicate with outside resources to help identify and secure employment in an area of passion: animals! With the support of LifeNet, she began using an online calendar and alerts to help self-manage tasks and keep appointments and her work schedule.

Soon, Emma had the opportunity to move into a supported living situation. After completing the housing transition, she continues to turn to LifeNet to support her completion of household tasks and schedule organization. She has taken advantage of group and one-on-one social opportunities within LifeNet and AANE in order to grow her friendships. Emma continues to do well and mature with a LifeNet team that is familiar to her and there when she needs them.