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BU Center for Autism Research Excellence
100 Cummington Mall
Diagnosis and Evaluation

Our primary mission is to advance scientific knowledge about the language and social communication impairments in autism/ASD and related disorders. We carry out studies on all ages using behavioral, brain, and cognitive measures. The goal is to understand the range of abilities, the developmental patterns, and the brain systems that may explain why people with autism have difficulties communicating with spoken language. Our research is aimed at developing new interventions that directly address the communication problems that we discover.

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City of Boston
Boston Neuropsychological Services, LLC
687 Highland Avenue, 2nd Floor
Michael A. Fearing, Ph.D.
Additional staff include:
Lauren Killeen, Ph.D.

Our evaluation will outline the factors that limit success (e.g., autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional difficulties, behavioral problems, brain injury), and we will provide clear recommendations for treatments and strategies. Your district is required to provide the services your child needs.

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(781) 559-8444
(781) 559-8117