Developing Supports to Address Mental Health Needs of Autistic Students in Postsecondary Education

Research Study

Researchers at Rutgers University are recruiting autistic students and their parents/guardians for a semester-long research study to evaluate a self-guided intervention designed to support the emotional well-being of autistic students enrolled in Postsecondary Education (PSE).

You may be eligible if you:
– Are 18 years or older
– Are accepted to or enrolled in PSE in New Jersey
– Have a previous diagnosis of autism
– Have an iOS or Android compatible smartphone
– Have a parent or guardian who is also willing to participate (fill out questionnaires)

If you are eligible, you will be asked to complete:
– Questionnaires about you and your social and emotional functioning
– Videoconference visit to assess cognitive and academic skills
– An Emotional Support Plan (ESP)
– Daily check-ins via a smartphone app up to 4 times per day for 6 weeks

– You can receive up to $253 for your participation
– Your parent/guardian will receive up to $40

Please note that only 15 students will be enrolled in this study, so if you are interested, you are encouraged to fill out this form: if you know of anyone who may be interested in participating in this study.



Published on: Aug 6, 2021 at 08:03

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