Jennifer D Blakeman
Blog Post

I was only asking to get an answer
She only exploded to become a star
Orbiting the necrotizing flesh monsters
that call one another human

Why did she call him inhumane when he acted like one?
Where am I? Who’s writing this?

If I were a god,
would I be inhumane
or superhuman?

Why are villains vilified?
Isn’t their fate already amplified?
Must we amplify what is already ample?

Become worldly to give two sh**s
About what’s flushed into
our dirty old world?

We developed languages,
but no one understands
how to stand on shifting ground.

As this watery glob
Twirls around
out of our sight and mind,

If it stopped and crashed,
would we seek and find
or become the forgotten past?

Glitter cuts through
the sensitivity of aging rock stars

And our rock would roll
Out of control
Into the consuming star.

The hottest thing around

. . . the last trend.


Bio: I was diagnosed with ASD-1 (Aspergers) when I was 35 after a lifetime of feeling like an alien on my own planet. I’ve always had a passion for writing and the creative arts as well as nature. I currently post on my blog