Cognitive Function, Social Preferences, & Risk Taking among College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger Syndrome

Research Study


Help us find out whether ways that young adult men with Autism or Asperger’s regulate their attention and thinking, types of interests they have, and ways they respond in social situations are related to risk taking behavior. Participants must be:

  • Male college students 18 and 29-years-old
  • Diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s
  • Able to come to UMass Lowell campus for a 1-hour session scheduled at your convenience

Participants will receive a $25 Amazon gift card

You will be asked to complete questionnaires as well as some cognitive and attention tasks that are basically like computer games. You must have normal vision with or without glasses or contact lenses. Risk-taking questionnaires will ask you about your involvement in behaviors that include drinking, drug use, driving too fast, and other activities that may be illegal. Therefore it is important to note that this questionnaire will be anonymous, and your responses to these questions will not be able to be traced back to you.