Brianna Begins to Manage Anxiety and Reconnect with Meaningful Activities

Blog Post

Brianna is 26 and lives in her own apartment. She had some success on her own, but her autism, anxiety, and depression diagnoses resulted in challenges that were increasingly hard to manage. Various medical issues led to increased anxiety and eventually led to her losing her job. Brianna has a supportive family who lives nearby but were looking for more support for her.

Despite initial anxiety, Brianna has embraced LifeNet as an important part of her life. She worked with her LifeNet team to successfully start working again. She also uses support from her team to work towards the activities anxiety has stopped her from doing. Before LifeNet, Brianna relied on her family in order to attend appointments. She now has a bigger group of support and works with her team to attend appointments with plans on how she can manage her anxiety. LifeNet is also supporting Brianna in adding new members to her team such as a new therapist and a new benefits counselor.

At home, Brianna has trouble keeping her space organized. She utilizes in-person support from LifeNet to develop new organizational strategies to make her space comfortable and organized. Brianna continues to work with LifeNet to build a life full of meaningful activities.