Brain Systems for Language

Research Study

Our primary mission is to advance scientific knowledge about language and social communication in people with ASD. This study focuses on adolescents aged 8-21 using behavioral, brain, and cognitive measures. The goal is to understand the range of language abilities, particularly the brain systems that may explain why people with ASD have difficulties communicating with spoken language. Other studies are aimed at developing new interventions that target spoken language skills.

Who can participate?

  • Individuals aged 14-21
  • With or without autism
  • Nonverbal to fluent verbal abilities

What does it involve?

  • Table-top activities, standard language assessments, EEG, and MRI
  • Visits to BU CARE Center and MGH

What do I get for participating?

  • Travel reimbursement and parking
  • Gift Cards
  • A picture of your brain!