Brain Basis of Social and Semantic Language in Adults with Autism

Research Study

Researchers at Rutgers University in Newark are investigating how the brain processes social and semantic language in college attending adults with autism. We are currently recruiting autism participants who are between ages 18-30, right-handed, English speakers. The study consists of 3 sessions. The first session involves diagnostic and cognitive assessments and lasts ~ 2.5 hours. The second session is an fMRI session, which lasts ~ 2 hours. The final session is a behavioral session that consists of online surveys, which lasts ~ 1 hour. All parts of the study are conducted on the Rutgers-Newark campus; sessions 1 and 3 can be
conducted on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus if participants prefer that location. Participants are compensated at each session, and receive up to $120 for participation in all 3 sessions.

Eligibility Survey Link:

Please contact Shannon Cahalan at if you are interested in
participating or would like more information, or take our eligibility survey!

Published on: Jan 22, 2020 @ 11:30