Brain and behavioral changes over time in young children with autism

Research Study

Do you have concerns about your child’s development, social and/or language skills that may be related to autism? The Child Mind Institute’s Autism Center, located in New York, NY, is currently recruiting participants for a NIMH-funded study on the relationship between brain development and behavior in young children.

Participation in this study between one and four visits each year over the course of three years. The study will combine clinical assessments with brain MRI administered during natural sleep. MRI is a safe, non-invasive method of looking at the brain and does not involve any exposure to ionizing radiation. The clinical assessments consist of parent interviews, as well as play-based language and social skills assessments of the child. Participating families will be compensated up to about $180 each year. Each year families will receive a written summary report detailing the results of testing, a diagnosis, if there is one, and related treatment recommendations.

To conduct our research safely during COVID-19, we combine approved and protected in-person visits, such as child observations and MRI scans, with virtual parent interviews and questionnaires. We continue to carefully monitor the pandemic development in the New York City area, adhere to CDC guidelines and adjust our protocols accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Age between 18 and 38 months
2. Walking independently at the time of study enrollment
3. Parent/guardian must speak fluent English
4. Prospective participants will be screened for any other potential exclusion criteria during the first phone call
Phone: 917-472-1813
 Published on: Feb 16, 2021 at 09:54

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