Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association Announcements & Updates



The Asperger/Autism Professional Association (AAPCA) is a professional development resource and support for professionals who coach, guide and advise older teens and adults with Asperger/autism and similar neurodiverse profiles. Check back frequently to see what's new!

Building Self-Advocacy Skills

For many people, developing communication and advocacy skills is an ongoing process that can continue into adulthood and beyond. For the neurodiverse population, there may be several elements that make cultivating self-advocacy skills a challenge. Individuals on the spectrum may have different... more

Supporting Exercise & Fitness Goals

As we navigate through our daily lives, physical activity is often connected to a wealth of benefits.  From gaining physical strength and endurance to benefiting from the social aspects of fitness activities, staying fit can significantly increase the likelihood of a healthy and happy life.  As a... more

Coach to Coach: Five Tips for Working with Clients During COVID

LifeMAP coaches are keenly aware of the impact the ongoing pandemic has had on their clients and other individuals with Asperger/autism profiles.  As they continue to find creative ways to support their clients, a few LifeMAP coaches would like to share their ideas and strategies with other... more

Professional Development: Learning from First-Person Perspectives

Making the decision to enter into the healthcare, mental health or education field is often sparked by a personal experience. Whether your own experience, or the experience of a loved one, healthcare professionals, educators, and mental health providers can often cite one or many personal reasons... more

Coaches Connecting with Clients

With the innovative addition of the Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association (AAPCA) to LifeMAP’s programs, LifeMAP and AAPCA coaches continue to support their clients by collaborating and sharing quality resources, participating in professional training workshops, and practicing... more

November 2020: Profiles on New Honorary Members

Dawn Stahlberg, M. ED, AANE AsperCoach and new AAPCA Honorary Member, comes to the Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association with 30 years of experience in Special Education. She has been providing services to individuals and families in a range of capacities. Dawn focuses on direct... more

October 2020: The Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association is Growing!

As AANE launches the new Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association (AAPCA), we would like to welcome our two new honorary members. Both Dawn Stahlberg, M.Ed, Autism Specialist of Full Spectrum Solutions and Jan Campito, whose work was recently included in A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients... more