Asperger Syndrome and Adult Life 2016: Presentations and Handouts

These presentations and handouts were presented at the conference on January 9-10, 2016.

Session 1: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Social Security Benefits

Presenter: Kathryn Collins-Wooley

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Morning Workshops

Workshop A: Legal Planning and Alternatives to Guardianship
Presenters: Ken Shulman & Barbara Jackins

Workshop B: Public Vocational Supports
Presenters: Kristen Hayden, James Fratolillo, Hermin Miranda & Ann Shor

Workshop C: Healthcare
Presenters: Amy Weinstock & Jo Anne Bayliss

Workshop D: DDS
Presenters: Janet George

Session 2: Overview of Adult Housing

Presenter: Dafna Krouk-Gordon

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop E: Private Housing Options
Presenters: Michael Caballero, Doreen Cummings, Beth Gutierrez & Alan White

Workshop F: Private Vocational Options
Presenters: Barbara Bissonnette, Nataliya Poto, Leslie O'Brien & Meagan Hanley

Workshop G: Public Housing
Presenters: Kathryn Provost & Eric Shupin

Workshop H: Moving Out
Presenters: Alexandria Nadworny & Susan Nadworny