BE YOURSELF research study

Research Study

Brain Empowerment: Youth-Oriented Unconstrained Reality for Social Engagement and Lifeskills Formation

Brain Power, creator of the world’s first wearable educational system for people with autism, is currently enrolling children and adults on the autism spectrum for a research study testing tolerability of Google Glass and Brain Power software with children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Based on brain science from Harvard and MIT, and built on a hardware-enhanced smartglasses (currently Google Glass), our system empowers people all across the autism spectrum to teach themselves life skills crucial to self-sufficiency.

Examples of these life skills include decoding the emotions of others, eye contact, language, context-appropriate conversation skills, controlling behaviors, and general cognitive enhancement, among others.

To learn more about Brain Power, check out If you or a family member is interested in this study, please fill out the initial screening form at After filling out the form we will be in touch with you to determine your eligibility and availability for participating in the study.

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