Autistic Adults’ Experiences in Therapy

Research Study

This research study will ask about the experiences that autistic adults had with their therapists (positive or negative). The goal is to help us understand how mental health clinicians can provide better and more affirming care to their autistic clients.

Your participation in the study will involve two parts:
1) Completing a 10 minute survey, and
2) 1-hour interview (video or audio-only zoom interview, or written through a chat or survey)

Who can participate:
Adults (at least 18 years of age) who are autistic (identify as autistic, or have an autism diagnosis, or a historically equivalent diagnosis, such as Asperger’s) and who are in therapy (currently or in the last year) with a mental health clinician.
Participants must live in the US and be fluent in English.

Participants will receive $25 via Venmo or PayPal as a thank you for your time and contribution.

If interested, follow this link:

For questions, please email me at

Published on: May 12 2023

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