Autism Spectrum Support Systems

Research Study
We are consulting with some developers of a wearable device for autistic children to help predict, detect, alleviate, and possibly prevent behavioral meltdowns in the community due to overstimulation and anxiety. Would you be willing to share your opinions in this very brief 10-min. survey?

We are asking parents and caregivers of autistic children of any age to take part in this survey. We are collecting responses to better understand the needs for, and potential uses of, a wearable device (likely a smart watch) that can assist parents/caregivers when their children become dysregulated or overstimulated when out in the community. Our hope is that this device will offer alleviation and prevention of undue stress and anxiety that can be triggered by unpredictable and chaotic community environments.

Your responses will remain anonymous, so your candor is appreciated!

Published on: Oct 1, 2021 at 08:03

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