The Autism Sibling Study

Research Study


The UMass Lowell Autism Sibling Study seeks sibling pairs to participate in a study examining whether aspects of the sibling relationship are related to symptoms of autism, especially Theory of Mind development.

We are looking for sibling pairs that consist of:

  • A younger child between 4-6 with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • An older, typically developing child between 6-10

Research participation will include:

  • Parent interview and questionnaires
  • Child observation session held at UMass Lowell
  • Children play and respond to standard story tasks
  • 45-60 min. session will be video recorded
  • Scheduled at your convenience, weekends included
  • $50 gift card for you
  • Token of appreciation for each child

For more information, please:

Remember: There are no perfect children, and all sibling relationships are different. They may not always get along or play well together. They may argue. They may ignore each other. They may not cooperate. It doesn’t matter. Whatever they do, they will help us learn about the role of these important relationships for children with autism. Thank you.

UMass Lowell, Department of Psychology, Master of Science in Autism Studies