Autism and the Workplace: Investigating sensory issues in autistic workers

Research Study

This study aims to understand what physical characteristics of the workplace (such as lighting, noise, smell, etc.) are problematic for autistic workers. Moreover, the study also aims to understand what happens when these workers feel capable of controlling their environment and how that affects their work and their beliefs about themselves.

The purpose of conducting this study is primarily educational, as it will allow the student to gain a postgraduate academic qualification.

We cannot promise the study will help you but the information we get from this study may help us develop recommendations and guidance for best practice in the area of workplace adjustments for autistic people.

If you choose to take part, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to take part then asked to complete an anonymous online survey with the approximate duration of 10 minutes.



Published on: May 17, 2021 at 09:13

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