Association between mood and the quality and quantity of repetitive thought in those with Autism Spectrum Condition

Research Study

We are looking to recruit autistic adults (over the age of 18) to take part in a study about repetitive thinking.

The study will take part in two phases:
-Phase 1: online screening questionnaires.
Phase 2: brief meeting with the researcher online for further information followed by 7 days of answering alerts send to you via a mobile telephone App. Alerts will ask questions regarding what you are thinking and how you are feeling, and will take approximately 2minutes each time to answer. You will be sent 8 alerts each day, but are not required to answer every alert if this is inconvenient.

For further information or to take part please contact the researcher (Rhiannon McMah) via email:

Published on: July 21, 2022 at 09:47

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