Asperger’s People Parenting

G. Edward Hudson

Hello,  I am G. Edward Hudson (formerly known as Gary E. Hudson).  I have been an AANE member for some time now. I found out I was an Aspie when I was 57 but the Massachusetts Commonwealth Care system back then did not support any doctors who would do a diagnosis.  I got one, however, in 2012. I am one of the founders of the AANE Artists Collaborative. Some of my works is hanging in the Gallery at 51 Water St.

I was invited to the Gala last year and noticed the talk and appearance of the group of parents raising children with autism.  With loving care these children will grow up and many will have neurotypical children. Think about it!

I may not have known about Aspergers in 1991 but I was still one.  My daughter Cassiopia was born and since my wife at the time could earn more money than me I became Stay at Home Dad for my daughter.  For five and one half years I did the duties of a Father parent and took care of her, read to her every day, took her to the playgrounds and even was the first man to be head of a drop in playgroup.  My daughter is now twenty six and works as an engineer with a robotics and aerospace background. I can not claim her achievements but I did start her out well enough. While other fathers called their daughters pretty I always told her that she was/is strong and smart.

My friends, this is the future for some of your Aspergers children.  They may be awkward in some ways now but one learns and grows to be an adult and this will happen for your children too.  Raise them to be strong and smart and do not overprotect them. The wide world is not accepting of everyone (yet) and perhaps never will be.

This is from a fellow who is now 67 years old who grew up in the dark times of being told I was smart but no one liked me.  And why did I not look them in the eye while they were yelling at me and then the hitting would begin. Many years later I did become the artist I always knew I could be.  I never went to art school. But art is one thing in the world that you will not be put in prison for doing without a license. (tha tha that’s a Joke Son as Foghorn Leghorn was wont to say)

Thank you for allowing me to address the assembly.