Asperger Profiles: Is There a Cure?


There is no cure for an Asperger profile as it is not a disease; in fact, many people are concerned that anyone would suggest that their essential nature should be “cured.” That said, many of the more challenging aspects of living with an Asperger profile can be reduced, and the positive attributes can be supported and nurtured. Over time, experiences can change as the person becomes more comfortable in his or her own “skin.” As an individual’s sensory sensitivities become less severe and his or her stress is managed more effectively, a child and adult may become more at ease in a variety of environments with time and practice. Individuals often gradually acquire the social skills that at first were elusive, allowing them to strengthen support networks and to build community. People with Asperger profiles can use their many strengths to their benefit as they seek out, and find, the most constructive environments to match their strengths and interests, where their vulnerabilities are considered acceptable and even advantageous. Through validation, respect, and appropriate support, those with Asperger profiles can build meaningful and connected lives.