AP Research Empathizing Systemizing Theory

Research Study

My name is Danielle Palmer, and I am seventeen years old currently enrolled in the AP Research class at Baldwin Senior High School. My question of interest is, “To what extent are the predictions made by the Empathizing-Systemizing Theory accurate when applied to adults with Asperger’s Syndrome?” My work draws heavily on the Empathizing Systemizing (E-S) Theory, written by Simon Baron-Cohen. Cohen’s theory futhers studies of autism by touching on areas of strength within autism; these areas of strengths are known as systemizing, which entails “identifying the rules that govern a system, in order to predict how that system will behave.” The E-S theory predicts that one should expect those with autism to show a preference for predictable over unpredictable motion and a preference for patterned over unpatterned information. The goal of my research is to examine the extent to which the predictions made by the theory are accurate in adults with Asperger’s. I will be using surveys to test my question. The survey consists of questions that will help me determine if there is a strong correlation between the preference for systemizing in adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. The survey would take roughly four to seven minutes. All responses will be completely anonymous and will be used solely for the purpose of my final research paper and oral presentation. Giving this survey to adults is necessary because most studies of Asperger’s focus on either children, or their guardians. Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome simply don’t have a voice in this field. The point of me distributing surveys to adults, is to give them a voice and input new research into the theory and the autism community.
If you could please take my survey it would be of great help, and please encourage any other adult with Asperger’s to take this, as there is a time limit for my data collection. Feel free to contact me my text message or email if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you all in advance.



published on: 2020/03/03 at 10:56 pm