AANE March 2021 Newsletter: Perspectives on Employment

AANE March 2021 Newsletter: Perspectives on Employment
Thoughts on Work
This month, several articles focus on employment and feature voices from our community members and staff. To see upcoming AANE events, look for the buttons in the sections below, which link to complete listings for each group. To receive weekly event emails for adults and families, sign up here!
The On-Demand Jody Acford Conference is Now Available!
Not registered yet? There's still time! Register by April 16 to access recorded presentations on benefits and supports for adults with Asperger/ autism profiles for Massachusetts and New York audiences. Learn more.
AANE Calendar
See what's happening this month and beyond in the AANE Calendar.
Adult Sibling Relationships
Any sibling relationship can have its complications, especially in adulthood. Executive Director Dania Jekel examines some of the challenges that can arise among adult siblings when one or more have an Asperger/autism profile and offers tips to improve the relationship.
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Important AANE Leadership News
After 25 years leading AANE, founder and Executive Director Dania Jekel has announced she will retire at the end of October 2021. The AANE Board engaged in a year-long, in-depth process to determine a successor.
The Board is pleased to name AANE's current Associate Director Brenda Dater as the new Executive Director starting in November. Read these important statements as AANE embarks on a new chapter.
Adults with Asperger/Autism Profiles
The Impact of the Pandemic Gives Some Adults a New Perspective on Employment
Despite the hardship caused by the ongoing pandemic, some adults on the spectrum share how employment changes have given them space for deeper self-understanding and motivated them to rethink their career path.
Coming Up...
Click here for the current listing of events, support groups, and social activities for adults, including a Dungeons and Dragons Interest Series, Healthy Friendships & Intimate Relationships workshops, and much more.
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Parents & Families of Individuals on the Spectrum
Understanding the Employment Journey
For many individuals on the autism spectrum, finding the right employment fit is not a straightforward path, and often their parents find themselves unprepared. In this article, AANE staff explore three areas parents should consider as they think about their adult child's employment future.
Coming Up...
Learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and support groups for parents and families, including the webinar "Understanding Sensory Needs, Anxiety, and Behavior," a new support group for Parents of Neurodivergent and Transgender Adults, and more.
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Professionals Working with the Asperger/Autism Community
(Neuro)diverse Employment Approaches Serve Everyone
AANE community member Karen Lean shares her first-person perspective on how employers can create a workplace culture that both supports autistic employees and improves the work environment for all.
Learn more about AANE programs, support, and training for professionals.
AANE Programs
Individualized life coaching program for older teens & adults with Asperger/autism profiles.
Need job interview help? LifeMAP's Practice Interview, in-depth InterviewPREP program, and WorkMAP coaching can strengthen your confidence and skills.
Independent living support program for adults with Asperger/autism profiles.
LifeNet case managers proactively collaborate with job coaches, employers, and other providers in each adult’s support network. Learn more.
The Peter M. Friedman
Neurodiverse Couples Institute
Resources for couples.
AANE offers self-paced, online courses for neurodiverse partners that can help improve communication on issues such as establishing a compatible work/life balance.
AANE is seeking an experienced part-time or full-time trainer to join the organization's expanding Training and Education Department. Learn more and apply.
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