An Odyssey for Kai

Cynthia DeFerrari
Blog Post

With a keen intellect, infectious personality, and a drive to succeed, Kai has been working with his AANE LifeMAP coach as he navigates the road to successfully meet his goals one by one.

Growing up in Durham, New Hampshire, Kai earned his B.A. in Italian studies along with a minor in special education from the University of New Hampshire. Now at 24, Kai speaks 7 languages, has lived in six different countries, and has visited 17 countries on his own. With several teaching assignments already under his belt, he has taught ESL in Jakarta, Indonesia, West Java, and Sumatra using a leading method in special education called Systematic Instructional Design. 

Kai participates in CollegeMAP, one of LifeMAP’s specialized programs, which has been highly successful in assisting individuals with Asperger/autism profiles transition from high school to college, navigate college life, and map out a direction after graduation. With a focus on helping students manage their workload, establish relationships with college personnel, and connect with campus support systems, LifeMAP’s CollegeMAP Program provides the guidance students need to help them be successful in higher education.

“I’ve been working with my LifeMAP coach since December of 2019 and it has been wonderful. She has helped me stay organized and helped me finish my last semester of college without getting overwhelmed,” Kai said. “At the moment, we are working on various forms of time management scheduling and how to map out each week and grocery shopping.”

Kai was thrilled when he passed his PRAXIS Core teaching exam recently and began a full time fellowship with City Year in August.

Currently living on his own, Kai enjoys spending his free time playing the bass guitar, drums, percussion and singing. “Asperger’s has blessed me with perfect pitch from a young age and abilities similar to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys to separate different sounds by ear,” Kai explained.

Kai’s enthusiasm and curiosity have led him to become a voracious reader in international politics as well. “I very much enjoy reading and learning about various legal frameworks,” said Kai, “particularly since I originally majored in political science and international affairs.”

Working with his LifeMAP coach has given Kai an opportunity to communicate and develop life strategies with someone who understands people with his Autism profile in a confidential setting. “I would definitely suggest coaching to a friend because it is like having a resource for everything that is adaptable to learning about both life and academic skills,” Kai shared. “I’m excited to start applying for Graduate Study Programs in Special Education Teaching and/or Psychological Counselling programs in the US and Canada in September in order to start my studies in the Summer/Fall of 2021.”

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