Allison Pursues New Interests and Friendships

Blog Post

At age 34, Allison has Asperger’s and lives in her own place with family nearby. She works close to full-time and uses public transportation to get to work. In her free time, she enjoys attending events related to her interests, which include video games, anime, history, animals, and Japanese culture. Allison also enjoys spending time with her mother and dog.

Like many parents, Allison’s mother worries about what will happen if she is not able to support her daughter. Allison began working with LifeNet in order to expand her support network. Through check-ins and monthly visits, she has started developing new relationships with her LifeNet team. Working with LifeNet has also opened the door for Allison to work on areas of her life she would like to change or improve. For example, she was interested in learning how to cook on her own. Now she identifies recipes she would like to try, purchases ingredients, and cooks them at home during in-person visits with her LifeNet team.

Allison is also interested in meeting others who share her interests. LifeNet identified a member of the AANE community who has similar interests and the two plan to visit local museums in the future. Allison and her mother have increased comfort in knowing Allison now has more people in her life to support her through whatever comes her way.