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The adult services team is here for you every step of the way with your adult child or family member with an Asperger profile. We realize that post high school adult life brings a whole new collection of opportunities and challenges and it is our mission to guide you along the way in this new frontier. Some of you may also find us later in your family member’s life — no matter the age of your adult, it’s not too late to reach out for support and answers.

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The Interdependence Mindset

Lee el mensaje de Brenda en Español Independence and Interdependence can co-exist. This month we are discussing autism and interdependence. Although our society pushes the idea of independence, very few people (no matter their neurology) are completely independent. We all need help at times for... more

The Magic of Game Shows

Interests and passions can not only be an incredible journey for autistic individuals, but can also lead to fun, shared experiences with their families. Long before he was diagnosed with autism, Aaron developed several deep interests, including a passion for game shows. From the kids’ game... more

Honoring Identity

Lee el Mensaje de Brenda En Español This month we are discussing autism and gender identity. I remember over a decade ago receiving calls from autistic adults and parents sharing stories of how their gender assigned at birth didn’t match how they felt. Recognizing the growing need for support... more

If I Knew Then

Hello, My name is Shari and I am a single mother of two adult kids. My oldest child, who I will refer to as J, is now 24 years old. He came out as transgender at age 15 and socially transitioned to identifying as male immediately. The autism diagnosis came later: first with a self-diagnosis as a... more

Expectations for Holiday Gatherings

Holiday gatherings can be a great way to enjoy new friends or long-standing family traditions. They can also present challenging situations for autistic kids, teens, and adults. Based on the comments from autistic adults and parents to autistic individuals, we’ve put together some points to... more

Executive Functioning Explained

Recent years have witnessed an intensified interest in the neuropsychological construct of “executive function.” In short, executive functioning is a multidimensional concept referring to higher-order brain functions necessary for individuals to execute, or perform, tasks. Examples of these... more

A Journey Toward Self-Advocacy: Perspectives from an Adult Son & His Mom

Joe, who is now 30 years old, started receiving special education services in preschool, was largely mainstreamed in K-12, and graduated high school in 2009. He attended a community college and obtained an Associates Degree in Engineering, and is currently working towards completing a BS in... more

Adult Sibling Relationships

Lee el mensaje de Dania en Español Recently I heard the story of an adult on the spectrum who joined her three siblings to care for an elderly mother in hospice. When the mother died, the siblings had to make decisions and manage her small estate. During this trying time, the interaction was... more

Variations on a Theme

Lee el mensaje de Dania en Español I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways in which the COVID pandemic has created opposite responses for many on the autism spectrum. For some, loss of routine, changed social rules, and the fear of illness and death has been debilitating and has led to the... more

Perspectives on Adult Life: An Adult Panel Discusses Living with AS/ASD (Part 1 of 4)

... more

Rejecting the Diagnosis

While many parents work diligently to help their child understand the Asperger/autism profile and provide various kinds of interventions and supports, many teens and young adults enter a phase where they reject their diagnosis. Executive Director Dania Jekel helps parents understand this situation and suggests constructive ways to... more

Siblings of Asperger Adults Share Their Stories: A Panel Discussion

... more

Sensitivity to Criticism: Advice for Parents

For individuals on the spectrum, sensitivity may not just be sensory. Many experience hypersensitivity to criticism, which can have a profound effect on self-esteem and other aspects of life. AANE's Executive Director discusses this issue and gives important advice to parents. Learn more about AANE at... more

LifeMAP: AANE Life Management Assistance Program

For more information, call (617) 393-3824 or visit AANE's Life Management Assistance Program (LifeMAP) provides practical assistance to individuals with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and related conditions. LifeMAP provides intensive, highly individualized coaching by professionals with expertise in both AS and specific... more

Finding the Square Hole for the Square Peg: Autism and Employment HD – Webinar

... more