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Many adults with Asperger profiles experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms. An Asperger profile is a neurological difference, meaning that it influences the way that one perceives and processes information and experiences. Sometimes this can cause emotional and mental distress or sometimes a person with an Asperger profile may be experiencing distress that is caused more directly by external circumstances and trauma. In any case, it is important that the adult, their family, and professionals understand both their mental health symptoms and their Asperger profile – including how they influence one another. We are here to help you find information and support that fits your needs.

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Anxiety Compassion

Lee el Mensaje de Brenda En Español This month we are discussing autism and anxiety. I’m the mom of an autistic daughter who has lived with anxiety her entire life. I’d like to share what I’ve learned from her and how it has influenced my own response to those who experience anxiety... more

The Emotion Allergy: Anxiety

It’s common knowledge that anxiety is woven into the story of many autistic people. One study puts the prevalence of anxiety disorders among autistic people at 40 Percent, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was much higher, due to the lack of diagnosis of both autism and of most mental health... more

My Autistic Anxiety Snowball

One source of anxiety for me is knowing that people don’t say what they mean. They skirt around the truth because they expect people to translate. This convention works well for some, because hearing the truth would be too painful; inferring the truth is gentler. The problem for me is I never... more

Anxiety and Autism: A Parent Perspective

At least 40% of autistic individuals are also diagnosed with anxiety, making it the number one co-occurring mental health concern. As parents and family members gain a greater understanding of autism, they often realize the importance of understanding anxiety as well to find effective ways to... more

Empathy, Trust, and Respect: Supporting People Who Experience Anxiety

I’m not an expert on anxiety. I don’t personally experience persistent anxiety. Like every human being, I feel anxious from time to time, sometimes intensely. But that’s not comparable to what many people experience on a regular or even ongoing basis. So, why am I writing about anxiety?... more

Energy Equilibrium

Lee el Mensaje de Brenda En Español This month we are talking about autistic burnout. No matter our neurology, many of us have experienced burnout at some time in our lives. We feel intense emotional, mental or physical exhaustion from acute or chronic sources of stress and feel unsure of how... more

Other People’s Expectations vs. Our Wellbeing

Autism is, for the most part, an invisible disability… until it isn’t. My Autism was hidden for most of my life, then suddenly, a few months shy of my 30th birthday, when I was diagnosed Autistic, the invisible was brought to the forefront. A late Autism diagnosis has a way of shifting your... more

Facing Frustration

Lee el mensaje de Dania en Español There are many words and phrases connected with autism that we hear a lot -- like anxiety, executive functioning, bullying, passions, social communication, and sensory sensitivities. But I think there is one word that underpins many areas, but is often... more

Emotional Regulation: Perspectives from Adults on the Spectrum

Many individuals on the spectrum discover gaining a deep self-awareness has helped them find ways to manage their emotional regulation. As part of AANE’s May 2021 Newsletter, three adults on the spectrum share what they have come to understand about their own emotional regulation and the... more

A Different Kind of Grief

Lee el mensaje de Dania en Español I want to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I’m sure we all share a fervent wish this year will be easier than the last, and we can begin to heal from the difficulty, trauma, and loss we have experienced at the hands of this pandemic. As AANE... more

Anxiety in Autism Spectrum Disorders Symptom Evaluation and Medication Treatment

... more

Anxiety Management Techniques

... more

Therapeutic Treatments of Anxiety for Adults with Asperger Autism Profiles

... more

Two Poems

by Nomi Kaim   Instructions for Later Years Write a terrible poem. Go ahead. Do it. Write it in broken stanzas, or maybe none at all. Write it as though you had never lost your voice. Write it as if the truly pitiful, deeply inadequate words you have now are the only words you... more

The Self-Discovery of One Aspie Woman

I had always thought of myself as a sensitive and independent introvert who had found her way after an anxious and lonely childhood. When I hit 40 years old, something shifted – so many of my peers had reached the traditional milestones of marriage, children, home buying, etc., none of which I... more